SAT Coaching in Chandigarh

SAT Coaching In Chandigarh

SAT Coaching in Chandigarh: Competition Guru is a SAT institute in Chandigarh determined to provide SAT Coaching In Chandigarh to students who wish to study abroad. Students from Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh, who are looking for a reputed SAT coaching institute in Chandigarh, should opt for Competition Guru. They have the best faculty in Chandigarh and are experts in providing SAT coaching in Chandigarh.
In order to help you score maximum in your SAT Exam and pursue your dreams of studying abroad in the best universities, it is important that you chose the best SAT institute in Chandigarh. There are many factors that you can consider before choosing the best institute. The foremost being, the ratings and reviews the institute holds for the course. Competition Guru is the leading institute that offers best SAT Coaching In Chandigarh.

Why to choose Competition Guru for SAT Coaching In Chandigarh?

Competition Guru provides the best coaching for SAT exam. Our expertise on the subject will let you succeed with flying colours in the field. From thorough covering of the syllabus to preparing for final interviews, we take care of all the ins and outs of the programme. Competition Guru provides the best education possible to their students.

  • Goal-Oriented approach
  • High success rate
  • Perfect Infrastructure
  • An environment conducive to learning
  • Erudite teachers
Mode of Examination
Duration of Examination
180 Minutes
Total No. of Questions
150 Questions

SAT Exam

SAT is a paper-based standardized test that is used as one of the entrance criteria for admission to universities and colleges in the US. School students from around the world take the SAT to showcase their college-preparedness and skills that they have developed at school.

The SAT exam pattern serves as both a measure of students’ college readiness and as a valid and reliable predictor of college outcomes. It is a college entrance exam having four tests, Reading, Writing & Language, Math and the Essay (which is optional but some colleges may ask for an Essay score also).

SAT exam highlight of exam

Criteria for SAT Exam Details
SAT Exam Eligibility No fixed criteria
SAT exam age limit There is no fixed maximum or minimum age criteria in SAT exam eligibility for students. You can appear for this exam without worrying about any age limit.
Qualification for SAT exam SAT does not require any minimum educational criteria. However, if you are a high school student planning to pursue a degree after completing school, you can start the preparation in the school years itself.
Frequency There are no specified official limits regarding the frequency of how many times a person can appear for the SAT. You can take this exam as many times as it would take you to pass it. However, it is advised that you appear for it at least twice before you complete high school.

SAT Eligibility: Age Limits

  • There is no specific age limit set by the College Board. But the rules are different for:
    • 12 years or younger candidates
    • Candidates in eighth grade or below irrespective of their age

What is the Educational Qualification under SAT exam Eligibility 2020-21?

  • Generally, candidates who are in the 10th and the 11th standard attempt the SAT as stated by the College Board. Generally, an appropriate age to take the SAT is between 17 -19 years.Also, the College Board has defined SAT eligibility criteria for students who are less than 13 years old or are studying in a grade lower than the eighth grade.These rules are as follows:
    • If the test-taker is 12 years of age or younger, they can register for SAT through mail
    • the test-taker is 13 years of age or younger, they can register for SAT by creating the free account
    • If the test-taker is aged 21 or younger, they will need to show a Government-issued photo ID, or driver’s license, or passport

SAT Exam Pattern

The SAT question paper pattern is based on two main sections – evidence-based reading and writing, and mathematics. There is an optional essay section which is opted by candidates sometimes.

Section Sub-section Number of Questions Time Limit (min.) Score Range
Evidence-based Reading and Writing Reading Test 52 65 200-800
Writing and Language Test 44 35
Mathematics Math without a Calculator 20 25 200-800
Math with Calculator 38 55
Essay(optional) - 1 50 2 to 8
Total - 154(155 with Essay) 180 (230 with essay) 400-1600

SAT Syllabus 2021

Take a look at the latest SAT syllabus 2021 and make sure that you are headed in the right direction with your SAT prep.

  1. Reading

This section is a part of the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing component of the SAT. It consists of 5 passages and a total of 52 questions. You are required to read and understand these passages and answer the questions that follow within 65 minutes.

Each 500-750 words-long passage may be taken from:

  • Classic or contemporary work of US or world literature
  • Document or speech related to the Constitution and founding of the US
  • A selection about economics, psychology, sociology, etc.

Each passage is followed by 10-11 multiple-choice questions with four answer choices. Broadly speaking, the questions are of the following types:

  • Main idea or central theme of the passage
  • Explanation or inference of a phrase used in the passage
  • Function of a phrase or sentence in the passage
  • Style, tone, perspective or attitude of the author
  • Evidence that supports a stance
  • Data analysis on the basis of diagrams, charts or graphs

SAT does not expect you to have prior knowledge of the passage topics as the questions that are asked are always based on the passage. However, familiarity with these topics is recommended because one, it helps you develop a reading habit and two, it is a definitive confidence-building measure.

  1. Writing and Language

This section is a part of the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing component of the SAT. It consists of 4 passages and a total of 44 multiple-choice questions. You are required to read and understand these passages and answer the questions that follow in 35 minutes.

Each passage may be taken from articles or write-ups related to:

  • Careers
  • Science
  • History or Social Studies
  • Humanities


Commonly-asked question types are based on:

  • Word choice regarding text, style or tone
  • Structural changes to ensure correctness or improve readability
  • Sentence structure, punctuation, grammar usage involving verb tense, parallel construction, subject-verb agreement, etc.
  • Prior knowledge of topics is not required as all questions lie within the scope of the passage. Some passages may be accompanied by graphs or charts that check your interpretative skills (not mathematical skills).
  • Together, the above two sections are scored on a scale of 200-800.


  • Heart of Algebra

Linear equations with rational coefficients, system of linear equations(with no solution, finite or infinite solutions), linear inequalities in two variables and their systems, graphical representation of linear function.

  • Problem-solving and Data Analysis

Percentages; ratio and proportion; unit conversion; equation of line or curve using a scatterplot; two-way tables to calculate conditional frequencies and conditional probabilities; association of variables or independence of events; estimation of a population parameter; calculation of mean, median, mode, range and standard deviation in statistics; evaluation of reports to check appropriateness of data collection methods.

  • Passport to Advanced Math

Quadratic equations with rational coefficients; determination of the most suitable form of an expression; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of polynomial equations; zeros and factors of polynomials, non-linear relationship between two variables, function notation, isolation of a variable by rearrangement of formula or equation.

SAT Essay

SAT essay allows you to demonstrate your reading, analysis and writing skills. You are given 50 minutes to read a 650-750 words-long passage and then write an analysis about how the author builds his or her argument. This type of question is a standard feature of the SAT essay. The passage, of course, varies each time. Remember, you are required to analyse the author’s text and identify the evidence that the author uses to support his or her argument.

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