GRE Coaching in Chandigarh

GRE Coaching in Chandigarh

Competition Guru offers best GRE Coaching in Chandigarh. Competition Guru GRE preparation courses come with the most updated, comprehensive GRE study materials, based on the deliberate analysis of our trainers. Get trained by our expert instructors, who have gone through certification training, and are experienced to help you meet your needs for GRE preparation coaching. Here at Competition Guru , you can get your desired GRE score with the help of a personalized study plan, student portal, GRE practice tests, detailed score report, drill smart algorithm, and much more. Competition Guru ’s satisfaction guarantee ensures you are 100% satisfied with the GRE preparation to achieve the target score.

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Most popular and preferred group classes with peer learning advantage to ensure a high scoring performance.

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A comprehensive expert-led intensive GRE test prep program with guided practice sessions.

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Individualized tutoring with flexible timings for those students who want focused attention.

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GRE Exam

Conducted by ETS, the GRE General Test is one of the world’s largest assessment programmes for graduate admissions to business or law schools and is accepted by thousands of schools worldwide. The full form of GRE is Graduate Record Examinations and over half a million individuals across 160 countries take the GRE General Test every year, in over 1,000 test centres set up by ETS.

Apart from being one of the most commonly accepted exams by universities for admission to graduate programs, students looking to pursue a master’s, MBA, or PhD are also required to appear for the GRE General Test. Also, students appear for the GRE exam to secure a merit-based scholarship for grad school.

GRE General Test

Students seeking admission to MS courses in different fields in the US and various other countries appear for GRE General Test. Through this test, a candidate is evaluated on his analytical writing, quantitative ability, and verbal reasoning skills. The GRE Exam is conducted around the year, and candidates can appear for the GRE General Test at their convenience.

GRE Subject Test

The GRE Subject Test evaluates the candidates’ ability on a particular subject. The subject tests are conducted in the following topics: Mathematics, Literature (English), Physics and Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, and Biochemistry (Cell and Molecular Biology). Generally, this test is required for getting admission to specialized courses. The GRE General Test is offered year-round as a computer-delivered test in most locations around the world.

GRE exam highlight of exam

Exam Name GRE
GRE full form Graduate Record Examinations
Official Website…
Most popular for MS courses in the USA
Also accepted for MBA courses outside India
Conducted by ETS (Educational Testing Service)
Mode of Exam Computer and Paper – delivered test
GRE Fee US $213
Score Range Verbal Reasoning score range: 130–170

Quantitative Reasoning score range: 130–170

Analytical Writing score range: 0–6

GRE Contact +91-1244517127 or 000-800-100-4072

Monday–Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. IST


SNAP Eligibility: Age Limits

There is no age limit set for candidates wanting to appear for their GRE test.

What is the Educational Qualification under GRE exam Eligibility Criteria 2020-21?

ETS has not announced any official statement regarding the qualification required to appear for GRE Exam. However, candidates are expected to possess a graduate degree in any discipline from a recognized university.

SNAP Exam Pattern

GRE Exam Pattern is specified by ETS((Educational Testing Services). In the GRE exam pattern, the question paper is divided into three main sections, namely, Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. The details of the section are given below :

  1. Analytical Writing

This section checks your skills of examining facts, judging the given evidence, dissecting arguments and putting forward your views in the most convincing and logical manner.

  1. Verbal Reasoning

This section evaluates your ability to interpret the content, author’s viewpoint and intentions, arrange the points made, and connect the dots over several ideas presented, even if they may not necessarily be documented in a unified manner. This may be a difficult area for the candidate who is not from an English background.

  1. Quantitative Reasoning

Here your level of comfort with numbers and quantitative data is evaluated. You will be required to solve problems with the help of models and mathematical formulas (from algebra, geometry, arithmetic). The positive news is that you will be allowed, to use a calculator, which will make your work a bit easier.

GRE exam pattern for Subject Tests

Subject Subject Topics Number of Questions
Biology Cellular and Molecular Biology (33-34%)

Organismal Biology (33-34%)

Ecology and Evolution (33-34%)

190 multiple-choice questions
Chemistry Analytical Chemistry (15%)

Inorganic Chemistry (25%)

Organic Chemistry (30%)

Physical Chemistry (30%)

130 multiple-choice questions
Literature in English Literary Analysis (40–55%)

Identification (15–20%)

Cultural and Historical Contexts (20–25%)

History and Theory of Literary Criticism (10–15%)

230 multiple-choice questions
Mathematics Calculus (50%)

Algebra (25%)

Additional Topics (25%)

66 multiple-choice questions
Physics Classical Mechanics (20%)

Electromagnetism (18%)

Optics and Wave Phenomena (9%)

Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (10%)

Quantum Mechanics (12%)

Atomic Physics (10%)

Special Relativity (6%)

Laboratory Methods (6%)

Specialised Topics (9%)

100 multiple-choice questions
Psychology Biological (17-21%)

Cognitive (17-24%)

Social (12-14%)

Developmental (12-14%)

Clinical (15-19%)

Measurement / Methodology / Other (15-19%)

205 multiple-choice question

GRE Syllabus

As per the GRE exam pattern, GRE exam now constitutes of two formats known as   GRE General Test and GRE Subject Test. Details about both the format are given below:

  1. GRE General Test

It includes standards of candidate evaluation process such as verbal reasoning, analytical writing skills and quantitative reasoning

  1. GRE Subject Test

It concentrates on a particular subject test based on the candidate’s profile and as per the requirement of the college.

Each unit of GRE syllabus for both general and subject tests are elaborated below:

GRE Syllabus for Analytical Writing

Analytical Writing targets to test the candidate’s skills and ability to deal with logic and clarity of complex ideas. This section also evaluates whether the applicant is capable enough to write a logical and evidence-based argument, keep alive the idea and take control of the writing flow.

GRE Syllabus for Verbal Reasoning

The verbal reasoning section measures the candidate’s analytical skills, the ability to come to a conclusion, summarizing, breaking down word meanings, and more.

  • Basic Sentence structure: Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives
  • Verb Tense
  • Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions
  • Pronoun Agreement
  • Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Modifiers
  • Parallelism, etc.

GRE Syllabus for Quantitative Reasoning

The quantitative reasoning section tests the ability to understand the quantitative information, applying mathematical concepts of geometry, algebra, statistics, etc. and analyzing and interpreting quantitative information, solving mathematical problems etc. Some of the topics covered under this section of the GRE exam are:

  • Percentage
  • Number properties
  • Profit and loss
  • Order of operations
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Linear equations
  • Lines and angles
  • Probability Statistics: Average, Median, Mode, Range, Standard deviation
  • Coordinate geometry
  • Quadratic equations
  • Speed, distance and time
  • Simple and compound interest
  • Circles Triangles, etc

GRE Syllabus for Biology

The test consists of approximately 190 five-choice questions related to Biology. The topics include:

  • Cellular and Molecular Biology(16–17% of questions)
  • Organismal Biology(33–34% of questions)
  • Ecology and Evolution (33–34% of questions)

GRE Syllabus for Chemistry

The test consists of approximately 130 multiple-choice questions related to the four fields into which chemistry has been traditionally divided

  • Analytical Chemistry(15% of questions)
  • Physical Chemistry( 30% of questions)
  • Organic Chemistry(30% of questions)
  • Inorganic Chemistry(25% of questions)

GRE Syllabus for Literature in English

Each edition of the test of this subject includes approximately 230 questions on, poetry, essays, the short story, the drama, the novel, biography, criticism, literary theory and the history of the language.

  • Literary Analysis(40–55% of questions)
  • Cultural and Historical Contexts(20–25% of questions)
  • Identification(15–20% of questions)
  • History and Theory of Literary Criticism(10–15% of questions)

GRE Syllabus for Mathematics

The test of mathematics consists of 66 multiple-choice questions approximately, taken from courses generally studied at the bachelors level.

  • Algebra(25% of questions)
  • Calculus( 50% of questions)
  • Additional Topics(25% of questions)

GRE Syllabus for Physics

The test of this subject contains 100 five-choice questions roughly. It is based on materials like diagrams, experimental data, graphs and descriptions of physical situations.

  • Laboratory Methods(6% of questions)
  • Optics and Wave Phenomena(9% of questions)
  • Quantum Mechanics(12% of questions)
  • Classical Mechanics (20% of questions)
  • Electromagnetism(18% of questions)
  • Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics(10% of questions)
  • Atomic Physics(10% of questions)
  • Special Relativity(6% of questions)
  • Specialized Topics (9% of questions)

GRE Syllabus for Psychology

The exam on this subject contains 205 multiple-choice questions approximately. Each question has five choices from which the candidate has to choose one option which he thinks is correct. This includes the following Topics :

  • Lifespan Development (12–14% of questions)
  • Cognitive(17–24% of questions)
  • Biological(17–21% of questions)
  • Clinical and abnormal(15–19% of questions)
  • Social(12–14% of questions)
  • Measurement and Methodology(15–19% of questions)

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Intending to help students across Chandigarh and tri-city, we at Competition Guru aim to utilise our passion and professional expertise for the GRE aspirants. The GRE is a standardised test which assesses the abilities of all graduates in respect to their general academic awareness. GRE is now widely accepted by both business and graduate schools across the globes. A good GRE score opens a gateway of opportunities. Join Competition Guru for best GRE TRAINING in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula and in whole world through our Online GRE Coaching programme.


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