We at Competition Guru offers particular competition preliminary courses. We help students in building skills that they can use for their entire life in the Government Services. We are dedicated to developing a certain curiosity and zeal in students preparing for the Government examination. The faculty members at the academy design several inventive approaches for learning. Our approach allows a student to discover knowledge with ferocious intensity.

Vision :-

CGI Guru Campus always has the vision of bringing forward the brilliant minds of the nation having the finest qualities to become great Indian leaders. Competition Guru works wholly as a group towards achieving the goal of improving the society and the nation by nurturing the brilliant minds of students and propelling them to reach their full potential.

people are of the belief that opening an education institute is solely for the purpose earning money. However, educational institutes are not money-making business ventures. CGI Guru Academy does not think on profit-making lines. Our sole aim is to convey knowledge. This has been Our long-standing tradition.

Mission :-

Competition Guru has one very clear mission. We thrive by providing support to our students in every possible ways. We work rigorously towards achieving this dream of making every student worthy of a qualification into the Indian Government Sector Services. We completely focus on shaping the abilities of students & train them to be absolutely ready to tackle the examination.

CGI Guru builds an atmosphere, wherein their students can easily obtain all the different kind of requirements for preparing for competitive examination.

Some of the major missions that CGI Guru works diligently towards achieving are –

  • Providing the best Class Room & Online Training Program for Competitive Examinations along with individual attention to every student.
  • We ensure that, we assist our students to work towards a single to serving the society better.
  • Strengthen the potential of candidates with comprehensive & experienced teaching techniques, so as to ensure they are ready to challenge the competitive examinations.
  • Provide constant motivation and mentorship to build upon the weak points and work towards strengths.
  • Develop and nurture honour morals, deep feelings, beliefs, and team management qualities in students.
  • Commit students towards the beauty of kindness, serving and respecting the society and the nationhood.