Competition Guru has been proving their success over years with 10,000 students approximately. There are many institutions in Chandigarh for to prepare for competitive exams but why do most of them look up to Competition Guru?

Let us not make talks about the 90% success rate or the percentage of students who cleared the exams. Let us understand what a right coaching center is. A right coaching center doesn’t give you numbers or merit marks, but it gives you a right platform to build your career. It gives you a path or way of your dreams and career. It will help you in the best way possible. Competition Guru has all of it without a second thought. Coming back to our main question, why is that many people join in Competition Guru?

Because of it’s two strong pillars. One is definitely Mathematics Guru,  Mr.Prakash, who himself is a genius in mathematics. He is called as our guru for mathematics. He’s an ACE educationalist and is very much capable of simplifying in the tougher problems with respect to the subject, a person who is qualified in 12 competitive government exams. He just makes mathematics easier, who doesn’t like to get trained by someone not less than Mr. Prakash!

Second most important pillar for Competition Guru is our material provided for the preparation. We have an in house publication from which we have our own study books for every course we offer. They are well balanced and written by our subject experts in such a way, that students never feel it as a load.

In the entire preparation process of exam preparation and coaching, Competition Guru keeps a spirit of learning alive in every student without fail. To be more precise, we keep everything simple and understandable with our every move in coaching students. Let us see how.

Competition Guru provides coaching for

  • Banking exams
  • SSC exams
  • Teaching exams
  • Police Exams
  • State Govt. exams
  • Defence exams
  • Insurance exams
  • Railway exams
  • Civil services

Every course has their own set of books printed. You get every subject’s book available with us in concern with the exam syllabus.

A structure was maintained in each and every book according to the syllabus, exam pattern and weightage of subjects. Our constant efforts to keep our study materials most updated is what makes us unique. Each study material has


  • Chapters of exam syllabus with latest updations
  • A mock test after each chapter
  • Previously asked questions and frequently asked questions
  • Tips and strategies for solving the problem on time.

Throughout our training period, our teaching pattern largely concentrates on the basic knowledge of the subjects and then we extract formulae to deal with the advanced level.  

As everything from start to end is there in the study material, our teachers will make you go through the very same material in the classroom. By doing this a student will be learning more about the subject and attends number of mock tests from the study material. Frequently asked and previously asked questions will also be solved by our generous faculty.

We also have a doubts clarifying session frequently to encourage students to ask for any clarifications with regards to the subject.  

Interestingly, Competition Guru’s study materials are now available in for 225 INR each. Every  printed book of ours are online which are written by our subject experts.  This will help many aspirants who are looking to prepare for any competitive or government exam.

Apart from this students choose Competition Guru for our highly adaptive and structured learning, our continuous efforts towards improvisation of students performance and necessary customized attention given for every student when required.

Join Competition Guru to make your way for a successful and fruitful career!

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